Dim. & Karaoli 2 str. Evosmos
P.C. 53224, Thessaloniki, Tel: (+30) 2310 778 134 - 7
Fax:(+30) 2310 778 135

The Company

VERNICHEM is a new company in the trade of delivery of varnishes –colors space. Represent the Italian factory I.V.E. GAZBIATI which produces varnishes – colors with headquarters in Greece and in the Balkans.

Both establishers and staff have of many years experience, so that with their technical knowledge that have obtained respond straightly to any need and problem of the market.

The headquarters of the company is Thessaloniki. But there are two basic agents in Drama and Giannena.

The company offers one of the biggest qualitative varieties of varnishes – colors. The excellent quality of varnishes, the big gamut of wood colors and the direct service, contributed in order to have a brilliant and enviable status in her space.


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